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Weiterempfehlen von 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MC)

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Component C4H6 molecular weight: 54.09 chemical structural formula:

Effect The apples harvested with proper maturity, under the good management condition, will have the following effect after treatment: 1. Alleviate the occurrence of the apple superficial scald. 2. Keep the color of apples. 3. Maintain the firmness of the fruit. 4. Maintain the flavor. 5. Extend the storage life and prolong the shelf life obviously and evidently.

Attentions 1. MCP could lower the respiration intensity of apples and delay the ripening and senescence of apples very well. Because the apples remain at a relatively low maturity condition, it will raise the occurrence rate of low-maturity disease under poor storage management. For example, when the apples are loaded and packed too tight without ventilating duct, storage bag completely sealed, cooling too slowly with incorrect/improper ventilation may lead to carbon dioxide injury (brown stain of skin or fruit). Normal management will avoid those problems. 2. Under proper storage management, 1-MCP could maintain the firmness, color, flavor and taste of apples, alleviate apple superficial scald, prolong shelf life. But it can’ t restrain microbial infection disease (moldy core, ring spot, penicilliosis) or physiological diseases(bitter pit, water core, carbon dioxide injury) from happening.

1-MCP Treatment procedures
  1. Check the packaging of apples according to the requirements.
  2. Check the quality and temperature of apples according with the requirements.
  3. Check the sealing of the storage room and fix the leaks if there is any.
  4. Check the CO2 content of the storage room, if the CO2content is above 1.0%, the storage room shall have adequate ventilation.
  5. Measure the space of the cold storage room to determine the dosage.
  6. Enter the cold storage room, turn off the drought fan, close the door and window, then apply the agent. This product has A parts and B parts, which needs to be combined together. Pour A part(the small bottle) inside B part (the big bottle), then put B part(the big bottle) at the place with good wind circulation. Dosage and specification: Agent Container size Space suggested A part 80ml 200m3 B part 1600ml It is suggested to use one or two bottles of part A with part B. No more than the suggested amount for the consideration of release rate and amount.
  7. The operator shall evacuate quickly and seal the door and window.

Time and temperature control: The cooling shall be temporarily stopped during the treatment to make sure the temperature is proper( 2~4℃), if the temperature is above 6℃, start the cooling process until the temperature goes back to 2℃; the treatment lasts for 24 hours, if the core temperature of the fruit is under 0℃, extend the treatment time to 36 hours.

The time control of the drought fan during the treatment: Keep the drought fan working during the treatment process helps to mix the fresh air inside the room evenly. If the size of the storage room is above 1500m3 and the apples is packed inside bags, the drought fan needs to work at least during the first 12 hours, if the room is around 1000m3, the fan needs to work during the first 6 hours at least.

Attentions: the ozone generator, The CO2 removal machine shall be turned off during the treatment. Doors, windows and pipelines shall be sealed and shall not be opened during the process. ( 9) After the process, open the sealing and take out the rest of the liquids. Open the cooler and start normal management of the cold storage room, ventilate for around an hour or longer.