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Halle / Stand


732 W Saint Joseph Street
Lawrence, 49064
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +1 269 5394700
Fax: +1 269 5394705

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A&B Packing Equipment is a family owned U.S. company with a multi-agricultural background. We design and manufacture cutting-edge equipment for the 21st Century that enables growers to meet the challenges of cleaning, grading, weighing and packaging fresh produce in the most innovative, gentle, accurate, and speed-efficient ways possible.

Starting in a small garage in 1995, A&B Packing Equipment has become the industry leader in fresh-pack and processing equipment. Being growers ourselves bonds us to our customers because we share common goals. We possess a unique understanding of our customers needs, challenges, frustrations and dreams. We design custom equipment that meets the needs of our customers – engineering the fastest packing equipment on earth. Our patents enable us to offer pioneering ideas to both current and new customers.

A&B offers a variety of equipment for the fruit and vegetable industry such as, Weigh and Fills, Volumetric Fillers, Fresh Fruit Harvesters, Bulk Box Fillers, and Automatic Bagger options to fit all sizes of operations and every budget. We also offer a full line of cleaning and grading equipment that has been designed for the gentlest handling of your product. We make a full line of Feed Systems, Blower Cleaners, Inspection Conveyors, De-stemmers, Sizers, Brush Washers and Drying Systems. All of our cleaning and grading equipment is offered in various lengths and widths for serve each customer’s needs. Our equipment packs a variety of small, round fruits and vegetables including but not limited to blueberries, cherries, dates, nuts, cherries, mushrooms and tomatoes.

A&B Packing Equipment remains small enough to know our customers by name, but large enough to supply fresh pack and processing customers with the latest custom equipment. All of our equipment is manufactured in house. The entire staff at A&B is involved with every order, starting with the first phone call.

Our customer service follows the entire process from the initial floor plan layout and concept, to final completion and shipping – and A&B has trained field technicians to provide on-site service. We are the “go-to” company for challenging packing needs and are known worldwide as the problem solvers for growers and packers alike.

A&B continues growing to meet the demands of our customers – from North and South America to Europe, China and beyond.