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When an important grower of avocado in Tzaneen in South Africa, turned to us at LCL for help, we came up with a 'multi-benefit solution' that he would not have dreamt of–nor imagined that it would come out cheaper to him.

Tzaneen is situated some 600 km’s from Durban and 1700 km’s from Cape Town. Ships start in Durban, before loading in Cape Town for the voyage up north. Our client had chosen the obvious solution, to take the fruit the shortest distance – to Durban. This meant that he had to face an accumulation of work, for the delivery once a week, not to mention 3 days added to the voyage.

At LCL , we did not accept the obvious. We came up with a solution which may appear complicated but which turned out advantageous on top of being cheaper – a true win-win solution.

Nowadays, empty containers are hauled back from Cape Town, and packed and transported to Durban for loading on a Friday. The same truck returns with an empty container to Tzaneen for a second load, which is taken to Cape Town where the ocean carrier is met on Monday.

This solution brings the following benefits to the customer:
  • Shorter time to the market and thus better shelf-life opportunities.
  • Two extra picking and packing days which reduces requirement for extra staff.
  • Full door-to-door service, with LCL handling all transport and administration.
  • Substantially better agreement with the trucking companies, benefits that are passed on to the customer.

LCL helped to find a more efficient solution.

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LCL Group



At LCL we're a Global Provider of Highly Effective, Fully Integrated Logistics and Transport Solutions for Perishables.
Proudly commited to providing our clients with the best, most comprehensive logistics and transport service, we offer
local know-how, global coverage and a complete focus on safeguarding your products. This guarantees that we deliver the freshest goods with the smoothes service and best price - over land sea or air.

Global Offices: Chile, Southern Africa , Netherlands , Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, USA, Colombia

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