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The Acoustic Firmness Sensor (AFS) is the latest innovative technology for on-line non-destructive measurement of firmness and related characteristics. This is an important technology since so far the firmness of products have always had to be tested by taking samples of batches and using destructive measures.

The AFS sensor uses two different measurement principles, which can be integrated into one sensor:

  • Acoustical measurement
  • Impact measurement (optional)

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Aweta G&P (grading and packing), is a Dutch based company, specialized in the development, production and sales of technologically comprehensive sorting and grading installations for fruit, vegetables and roses. For over 50 years, Aweta has placed itself in the agricultural market and has gained a position internationally by growing into 6 different branches worldwide. The high-tech and state of the art productions of Aweta can be seen in more than 50 countries around the world. Aweta G&P, located in Nootdorp in The Netherlands, started manufacturing sorting machines in 1966 for local Dutch greenhouse customers. Since then it has extended its business into all the major fruit, vegetable and rose growing regions of the world.

Currently it has two branches in USA, established in 1986 and is active in North and South America, Australia and other fruit growing regions. Aweta USA has expanded its technology from stone fruit and citrus in the early beginnings to apples, tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables.

Aweta Sistemi in Italy is located in Cesena and has years of experience in manufacturing automated equipment for apples, stone fruit and kiwis.

Aweta has furthermore sales offices in Chile, France, China, Poland and Russia.

However, Aweta has agents, representatives and dealers all over the world ensuring that customers in any country have quick acces to professional expertise when needed.

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