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05-600 GROJEC


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +48 502 842132

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Agro Queens is a leading supplier of fresh fruit & vegetables with top product apples. Thanks to our location in the heart of Europe’s largest apple-growing area, first-class technical support and many years of trading experience Agro Queens meets the highest quality standards. The highest quality and safety of our products are proved by Global G.A.P. Chain of Custody certificate.
We also implemented ORGANIC CERTIFICATE.
We offer fresh conventional and organic fruit and vegetables, a full range of attractive packaging according to individual preferences.
We operate for retail chains, wholesalers,
distributors and processing plants. We provide our services mainly to the European Union countries.
We guarantee:
  • Fixed prices and delivery on time
  • Flexibility in logistic
  • Products traceability
  • complete pre-sales and post-sales service
We produce locally and sell globally.
All of our products comply with provisions applicable in the European Union. We thoroughly control commodities and inspections are also conducted immediately before loading.
We cooperate with reliable transport companies, thanks to which we can ensure timely supplies and care for the load.