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ALIS - Associazione Logistica dell'Intermodalità Sostenibile


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A.L.I.S. – Association of logistics and sustainable intermodality was founded with the intention of promoting the intermodal trasport in Europe and making european transport companies aware of its benefits. Only few years later its foundation, ALIS has its presence spread all over the European territory, counting more than 1510 associated companies and over 200 regional infopoints. It represents 110.000 road vehicles, with over 2.700 weekly maritime connections to the islands and 125 Motorways of the sea’s lines. And, most important, ALIS represents more than 165.000 labor force units.

ALIS’ success is connected to the necessity for representativeness of the whole transport sector. Therefore, A.L.I.S. is a new category association. The only one that creates synergies between all the stakeholders of the transport sector.

A.L.I.S. has four main objectives which intends to bring to the Governament tables:
Internazionalisation of the transport sector
Improving Europe’s competitiveness towards international competitors on new markets is critical. In that regard, haulage, maritime and rail companies, as well as all the intermodal system traders, claims the possibility to operate at an international level throught the enforcement of the intermodal european corridors affecting Europe.

Territorial continuity with Mediterranean islands
Guarantee a real terrirorial continuity with Mediterranean islands, using modern and up-to-date fleets without State contributions, is a priority for all the transport sector. At the current time, ALIS’ associates guarantee over 2.700 weekly maritime connections to the islands, which means over 140.000 connections every year.

Renaissance of Southern Italy
Another ALIS’s priority is to reduce the existing gap between North and South of Italy from the logistic, economic and infrastructural point of view. In fact, the rebirth of the South will facilitate both North and South Italy’s companies which – due to the infrastructure development and the efficiency of intermodal and sustainable logistics – will have the chance to expand their reference markets.

Environmental sustainability
The European Union has given the precise directive to reduce the environmental impact caused by haulage transport and to control the CO2 emissions. Based on this instance, ALIS was founded to represent and promote intermodality: the combination between different modes of transport (haulage transport, maritime and rail connections) allows a 40% to 60% of estimated CO2 emissions reduction, compared to an all-road trasportation. The companies associated to ALIS are sensitive to environmental issues. In fact, many of them have already obtained certifications from R.I.N.A. (international certification authority) for using vehicles designed for the purpose of minimizing the evironmental impact