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For optimal growing conditions, plants require the right amount of water on the right time. The Senmatic irrigation and fertilizer mixer ensures that water is delivered to the plants at exactly the right time, in the right amounts, and with the correct nutrients in the correct proportion, concentration and with the pH value constantly adjusted. Furthermore, you can control and adjust remotely from any location using a tablet or smartphone.

The irrigation controller manages requirements from drip over water distribution systems to complete fertilizer mixers with a touchscreen, allowing complete personification of the interface. All systems can be connected to our advanced climate computers for electronic climate control using our Superlink software.

Senmatic irrigation and fertilizer mixing (fertigation) solutions include the following products:
  • Compact and advanced irrigation and fertilizer mixers comprising high precision software, touchscreen and a modular construction, developed for ease of use and high reliability
  • Mixer solutions where everything is customizable – the pump, number of fertilizer tanks and return tank (for water reuse) – for easy system expansion later
  • Easy and rapid EC and pH measurement with alarms, including hand-held measurement available as an accessory
  • Adjusted to your language
  • Flexible setup of irrigation groups
  • Advanced control of plant growth
  • Pre-programming of up to 20 recipes
  • User-friendly touch display
  • Large capacity and flexibility
  • State-of-the-art technology
Fertilizer computer for renovating older fertilizer mixers
If you have an older well maintained fertilizer mixer in operation, which you wish to renovate in order to bring the control of the irrigation and fertilization up to the latest standards, then the AMI Penta Controller fertilizer computer offers a cost effective alternative to purchasing a completely new fertilizer mixer. With the AMI Penta Controller fertilizer computer, you can work extremely accurate with the fertilizer mix for each individual plant culture. You will be able to do so with less daily work effort, due to the flexible and easy operation using a keyboard.

AMI Penta fertilizer mixer is easy to operate with wellarranged menus shown on a large 10.1” touch screen.

Contact us for further information and let us help you with your need for irrigation and fertilizing in the most beneficial way.


Senmatic A/S

Senmatic A/S



Senmatic A/S is found among the leading suppliers of LED lighting, climate controls and equipment for water and fertilizer control.
User friendliness, dependability and the possibility to combine systems and products are essential key words for Senmatic A/S's products and therefore Senmatic A/S will always be found in front within the Horticulture Business.

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