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Via delle Industrie Vic.Costantino 6
84018 Scafati


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 0818598628

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The O.P. A.O.A. (Association of Agro S.C.A.R.L market gardeners) was formed in 1980 in Scafati (SA) on the border between the provinces of Naples and Salerno. The location in an area of production characterized by volcanic soil and mild weather conditions resulted, in the early days, in a specialized production orientated mainly on the growing of San Marzano tomatoes and other typical products of Campania.

The A.O.A., with 19 cooperatives and over 412 producers involved mainly in Campania and Puglia, is one of the major production companies working in the agro-industrial field of Central - Southern Italy and is a benchmark for national sectoral policies.

Today, the productive orientation of the Organization is to enlarge the range of products moving more and more into the market of fresh products.

The commitment to achieve the maximum health of the productions, the protection of Agricultural Producers and the protection of the consumer’s health, remains unchanged, through the production processes of environment and sustainable agriculture.

The pursuit of total quality has enabled our manufacturers to obtain important certifications including GlobalGAP, in compliance with production standards required by European large retailers.