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Abc-Czepczyński sp. zo.o sp. k.


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Halle / Stand


ul. Wigury 20
64-400 Międzychód


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +48 957489900
Fax: +48 957489980

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Our Company is managed by specialists in the field of logistics, who know everything about transport and forwarding. This expertise has been used for the purpose of setting up a professionally-managed forwarding Company, which processes transport commissions of all kinds for its Customers and keeps its conditions competitive.

The staff of our Company is composed of several tens of people responsible for processing the commissions from our Customers. Owing to the implementation of a quality management system, we are able to guarantee a high and constantly increasing quality of services provided for our Customers. The proof of the high quality of our services is the number of our Customers, which is greater every year, and also awards and certificates awarded to our Company. We develop our Company by means of continuous improvement of management processes and customer service. Owing to constant care about service quality, our Customers may feel comfortable and safe entrusting us with their cargo.

We possess all legally-required licenses and certificates and also hold an insurance policy for the sum of 300,000 EUR.
Collaborating with our Company, you are certain that the cargo with which we are entrusted will arrive at its destination safely and on time.