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Association Marocaine des conditionneurs maraîchers - AMCOM

Association Marocaine des conditionneurs maraîchers - AMCOM



Fruit and vegetable conditioners are the link between production and trade.

They play a particularly important role in:
  • Collection and packaging of fruits and vegetables
  • Guarantee quality and traceability
  • and their routing
Guarantors of the quality and freshness of the products, market experts, able to innovate to keep up with the demand, the conditioners are a strategic link in the fruit and vegetable sector.

The packaging stations work in consultation and provide a support service to producers: advice on growing, organizing the collection of fruits and vegetables, approval, packaging, storage.

Constant adaptation, both to the vagaries of supply and to market developments and consumer expectations, helps to strengthen professional expertise.

Packaging is an important economic sector, with a turnover of more than 2.8 billion dirhams, of which 95% is achieved in foreign markets; countries of the European Union, but also more distant markets (Canada and Russia).
Number of packing stations: 81

Creation date:
- Saturday, February 26, 2011: Creation of the MOROCCAN ASSOCIATION OF MARAICHERS CONDITIONERS/ Packaging (AMCOM).
- August 9, 2011: Official Recognition.

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