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C/ Dr. Robert, No 28
25171 Albatarrec (Lleida)


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 973 25 83 86
Fax: +34 973 25 83 87
Mobil: +34 626 82 25 11

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Abella is a family company with the experience of three generations of farmers. It is located in one of Europe’s most fertile areas of production, the Lleida Plain, where fruit of exceptional quality is harvested.
We take care of the entire process of producing and marketing our products and implement the knowledge, experience and commitment that both the product and our customers deserve.
Our facilities are specially equipped to encourage the conservation of all the properties of the fresh fruit, thus preserving top product quality, appearance, smell, colour, and maintaining its full taste and all its natural properties.
All production farms are very close to the packing warehouse and are well connected for the distribution of our products on domestic and international markets. We can therefore take the fruit directly from the fields to market.