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Jordan Valley (Midldle&Northern Ghour)


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +962 795662182


Abu Sido Farms
Abu Sido Farms stand today as Jordan’s market leaders in the production and export of premium high-end vegetables. To-date, more than 250 hectares of land, located in Jordan Valley, are dedicated for the development and production of a wide range of produce based on market demand, innovative research and contract farming.
Our Farms sit 260m below sea level in the most fertile areas of Jordan Valley, where warmer temperatures allow us to have longer seasons of production and higher quality produce.
Facts & Figures
50 years of agricultural growth, innovation & excellence.
1,500 Greenhouses
250 hectares of land utilized
25 farm locations in a radius of 10 km
More than 600 multinational workers.
+ 15,000 tons of vegetable produce per year.
Continuous introduction of new crops to the market.
On-going development and innovation.