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Weiterempfehlen von Agr. Productive Coop. of Pomegranates Afroditi

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Halle / Stand


10th km Larisa-Agia
41500 Larisa


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 6949208996

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Afroditi is a group of producers, consists of 30 members who produce pomegranates. Our base is in Thessaly, in the middle of Greece, in the largest producing sector in our country. The microclimate of our region gives us the advantage of having fruits in good quality with tense red color.
Our activity begins in the field with the appropriate advice to the producers so as to have the product we need. From the time that goods are picked they are delivered in the packing house where we store them, sorting them and package them depending on the needs of our clients.
Afroditi's pomegranates are available in the markets from October till February.




Agronomist - Export manager
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