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5, Antypa Street
59035 Kopanos Anthemion


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 23320 41751

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In 1927, fifty producers from the Naoussa region joined forces and founded one of the first Cooperatives in Greece (the first one was that of Ampelakia). Their purpose was to find joint marketing opportunities for their products. Under the name “G.P.S. of Naoussa”, the Cooperative remained in operation up until 1989, when its name was changed to Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa and was organized according to the standards followed by modern Groups of Producers observing the requirements of the European market and the way the new landscape in production develops.

Today, the Agricultural Cooperative of Naoussa numbers 1457 members-producers and is perhaps the most dynamic cooperative in Greece, channelling over 25,000 tonnes of fresh fruit to the domestic and international markets each year.

The Cooperative wishing to ensure the highest possible quality for the consumer has developed a dynamic system of integrated production management certified by AGROCERT for peaches, apples, cherries and plums.

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