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Agricultural Cooperative of Kiwifruit ''PYRROS''

Agricultural Cooperative of Kiwifruit ''PYRROS''


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47100 Arta


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 6947611410
Fax: +30 2681052254
Mobil: +30 694 482 1778

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Established in 2016 by a team of producers in the region of Arta, Greece, ‘’PYRROS’’ Cooperative is following a dynamic course in the field of production, packaging and exporting fresh fruit worldwide. Our producers deal with the cultivation of kiwi for several years and have acquired great experience and know-how regarding the way of cultivation, the plant protection as well as the production of high quality products.

The total acreage of the members of the Agricultural Cooperative "PYRROS" is spread in the largest and most appropriate for cultivation area of Arta’s region and is comprised of the well-known Hayward kiwifruit variety while 6 of our members produce the Yellow flesh variety SORELI for the past decade.

Our building facilities cover an area of 2.750 square meters in Filothei, Arta and were brought to completion in 2018. Our state of the art sorting machine manufactured in Italy, includes 6 sorting lines equipped with detection cameras and guarantees quality consistency to our customers. On top of that a future wing of cold storage chambers is under construction that when completed will be able to store up to 2.500 tons.

Quality and safety are core values for our cooperative.
PYRROS is in compliance with food safety and hygiene standards and is subjected to strict monitoring ensuring the production of supreme quality fruits safe for the consumer, the farmer and the environment.