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Aprt n°4 rue Telemcen
3100 Kairouan


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +216 29620624

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Agro M.E.K. is a company, born in Tunisia, specializing mainly in the production and marketing of pomegranate. It differs from any other company operating in the '' Pomegranate '' sector for some very important reasons:
1) Is a completely innovative company.
2) It closed the entire supply chain, starting with production and ending with marketing, diversifying by sectors (GDO, Ho.Re.Ca, Industry).
3) Has a pomegranate cultivation of 1000 Ha already in production.
4) Is already in possession of the best quality certifications such as ISO 9001.
5) It has controlled atmosphere storage systems that allow products to be maintained for up to 5 months from harvest.
6) Has its own calibration plant where it selects and packages the products.
7)It can export its products all over the world.
Furthermore Agro M.E.K. During the year it also markets other very interesting products such as: melons, potatoes, artichokes, watermelons and dates.