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Vartsixe Village
1002 Bagdati Region


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +995 577 55 03 14
Fax: +995 322 95 72 42

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We would like to invite you to discover new source of fresh and IQF blueberry supply -Georgia!

Very important information should be that due to a lot of empty acid land plots in West Georgia since 2010 till today more than 200 hectares of blueberries are planted and till the end of 2020 we will have at least 250 hectares of blueberry plantations, which means min 2 500 tons of fresh berries harvested in Georgia each year.

Our company is in the business of growing, packing, and distributing fresh and IQF blueberries for export and at the local market of Georgia. We began own planting in 2011 and today the company owns 34 hectares of farms located next to its own pre-cooling, sorting, packing and storage facilities, which are able to process 350 tons per season. We are the only berries producer in Georgia, which offers 100% control from orchards till delivery, excellent service and quality of packaging according to our customers requirements.

We are growing blueberries of best varieties of Vaccinium Corymbosum: Chandler, Blueray, Reka, Bluecrop, Patriot, Toro, Bluegold, Bluetta and Duke. We have vigilantly selected them because they adapt best to the location and at the same time allow us to harvest between end of May till beginning of July. The harvest of blueberries is completed manually with special care during very early mornings in order to preserve the blueberries natural condition.

We are ready to offer blueberries for fresh market in standart 125 gm retail packaging.
Recognizing that industrial applications may demand specific packaging configurations, we are ready to pack IQF blueberries as per specifications.

We are proud that since 2017 our factory our factory is certified inaccrodance with ISO 22000:2205.