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Transitex provides a comprehensive range of export and import airfreight services, catering to every specific requirement for various types of goods, time constraints and trading nations.

Thanks to our extensive global network of offices and agents, we are in a position to offer the most economical transport solutions, combined with fast and efficient communications.

As a specialist in the handling of perishable cargoes, we aim to get the goods to their destination on time, on budget and in optimum condition. We strive to find a solution that is absolutely right for you to transport your goods to any destination worldwide. Transitex is more than a freight forwarder.

We do not just carry your products to the destination or market you want. What we can offer is freight forwarding with added value. We can help you in your marketing strategy, advise you on packing and quarantine requirements and put you in touch with local importers and buyers.

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TRANSITEX - Transitos de Extremadura, S.A.

TRANSITEX - Transitos de Extremadura, S.A.



Global Logistic Operator

Transitex specializes in door-to-door transport services. We have a network of offices In Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas.We provide reliable and competitive logistical solutions adapted to each market and client needs.Our vision is to sustain the increasing internalization of our customers by building stable and log lasting partnerships.

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