Alegra Soc. Coop. Agricola


Via G. Galilei, 5
48018 Faenza Ravenna

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Telefon: +39 0546 624401
Fax: +39 0546 622513

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The Italian Fruit Company

Alegra Group is a market oriented, flexible and dynamic cooperative company, whose core engagement is the rigorous respect of primary values and the commitment along the entire chain.

The main products are: stone fruits, kiwi green & Gold, cherries, pears, apples, table grapes, citrus + wide assortment of fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables.

From primary producers through consumer table (from farm to fork), its strengths are:
  • vocational attitude: cultivations in the best growing areas only;
  • typicity: choice of growing F&V cultivars typical in the territory;
  • full environmentally friendly production, adopting most up-dated techniques in integrated and organic production;
  • rigorous control in all different chain phases and production traceability warranty;
  • GLOBAL GAP certified farms;
  • product certification: PGI, DOP;
  • plants compliant with European standards, fitted with latest processing and packing technologies, equipped to supply private label products to the main international retail markets;
  • BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22005;
  • from 2016 obtained the Certificate SA8000 for Social Accountability Standard;
  • logistic platforms fitted for custom-tailored deliveries and services.
Skill in providing forefront services all the time, such as:
  • wide range for quality and volumes;
  • centralized commercial and marketing service;
  • products offer split-up, according to customers requests;
  • brand policy operations in Premium and Organic category;
  • integrated crop management and private label organic products;
  • support to retailers on internationalization projects;
  • supply-projects tailored for supply chain, distribution channel and area;
  • category management development, aimed to improve sales performances, arranged with distributors;
  • product, packaging and logistic innovations;
  • planning and setting up of targeted promotional activities;
  • training courses for F&V staff;
  • quality and merchandising service and post-sales assistance.
As to ORGANICS, the products are grown in accordance with European regulations (Reg. EU 834/2007) and with even more restricted internal Quality System and starting from 2014 is represented by BRIO S.p.a. that has a more than 20 years' history,
and the exclusive brand Alce Nero.
  • quality control throughout the whole cultivation cycle;
  • entire production traceability during processing stages and on finished product leaving packhouses;
  • low environmental impact and recyclable packaging and sales units;
  • process and packaging plants certified according to International standards ISO 9001 and 14001; British BRC and IFS (standards valid for MOST of the production sites: to know more please consult directly the company representative);
  • certifications: Bio Suisse, Naturland, Demeter, Fairtrade, GLOBAL GAP/GRASP, FLO-CERT, SA8000 for Social Accountability Standard;
  • centralized management assigned to a skilled group, managing sales and even Europe-wide single pallet delivery;
  • personalised or private labels supplies for each customer, destination and channel;
  • target promotional activities supported by specific advertisement materials;
  • pre and post-sales assistance.

Alegra in figures:
  • 9,700 Associated growers
  • 570,000 Overall production (tons)
  • TO 155 Mio €
  • 85% Integrated cultivation share (on whole production)
  • 5% Organic cultivation share (on whole production)
  • 27 Processing and packing stations
  • 71 Countryside Technicians
  • 20 Quality Control Management
  • 15 Area Managers – Sales Office Department
  • 55 countries supplied worldwide.


Produktgruppen & Branchen