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Telford Pavilion, Todd Campus, West of Scotland Science Park
G20 0XA
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Telefon: +44 7402 037039

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Anacail is venture capital backed SME spin-out of the Astrophysics Department at Glasgow University, Scotland.  Anacail specialises in creating and handling ozone in revolutionary, safe and flexible ways. Its key technology allows the generation of ozone (an activated form of oxygen), inside sealed packages, without damaging or opening the package.
The ozone is generated from oxygen inside the package and is a potent germicide. After a short time all the ozone decays back to oxygen, leaving no residual chemicals, and a decontaminated or sterilised package and contents. Given this innovative approach offers rapid, safe and chemical-free sterilisation, the technology can be applied anywhere that it is desired to reduce microbial contamination inside sealed packaging.
The initial target market for Anacail’s technology is in food processing where it has the potential to improve food safety and extend shelf life through post packaging treatment of food. Anacails technology has potential application in food decontamination across the supply chain from “farm gate to plate” in both the retail food sector and the service and hospitality food sector.

Anacail has a technology platform and is also developing prototypes for application in high level decontamination of healthcare settings and sterilisation of medical devices.

Ozone is one of the most powerful biocidal agents known to science: bacteria, spores, viruses and biofilms are all susceptible to destruction by ozone.


Bobby White

Senior Product Engineer
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