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Angel Verdú

Ansprechpartner von Canamas Hnos, S.A.

Director Comercial

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 67 0394416

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Canamas Hnos, S.A.

Canamas Hnos, S.A.



Cañamás Hnos. S.A. is present now, more than 70 years in the world of the citrus. Since 1929, we take care a lot about them. All our accumulated experience and our will, are still satisfying the finest tastes, and make us to be able to offer a product which make happy the most demanding people.

Oranges, mandarins and clementines “Le Gamin” are picked up, selected and packed exclusively by our own trained staff. Our citrus are delivered very fast. From the tree to your dish, they do not loose any of their properties. They bring to you a very big quantity of health and energy.

Concerning quality, Cañamás Hnos S.A. is very meticulous in the production time in the fields and in the packing time in the packaging houses. Our procedures respect very closely the EUROPGAP-GLOBALGAP protocols. The methods of the quality and security management respect the protocols of the IFS. An optimal tracebility is insured.

A large sales network, a perfect presentation and good information given by labels, will help you to make the best choice.

Our products are packed in differents ways. They can be handed packed, packed in one row, nets, girsac, basket, flow pack, laminated...

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