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African Carmine Braeburn, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Starking, Starkrimson, Sundowner, Topred


Appearance: The background colour is green-gold and is covered with a partial reddish-orange blush or stripes.

Harvested: from late March to early April.

Origin: Braeburn originated in New Zealand from a chance seedling in 1950. It was first imported into South Africa in the mid 1970's.

Taste and texture: The texture is crisp with a sweet tart taste

Granny Smith

Appearance: It is a medium to large apple, varying in colour from light to bright green. In cooler areas it develops a red blush. The lenticels are well-developed.

Harvested: from late March to late April

Origin: The Granny Smith derives its name from a real granny Smith, Mrs Maria Smith, who discovered this seedling in her garden in Australia in the 1860's. The first plantings in South Africa date back to 1919.

Taste and texture: The flesh is firm, white and crisp and has a tart taste. It is an excellent eating apple, good for baking, and excellent for sauces or pureés.

Golden Delicious

Appearance: It is a medium-sized apple, green when harvested and ripening to a golden yellow colour. The skin has conspicuous lenticels. In certain areas and under specific climatic conditions, the Golden Delicious can develop a delicate pink blush

Harvested: from beginning to mid-March

Origin: Golden Delicious was found as a seedling in West Virginia, USA, in the 1880's and introduced into South Africa in 1930 by the Molteno Brothers of Grabouw

Taste and texture: The flesh is creamy and the taste is sweet and juicy. It is a superb eating apple.

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Capespan South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Capespan South Africa (Pty) Ltd



CAPESPAN, a long established global supplier of the freshest, finest fruits of the world, has played an important part in driving the growth of the produce sector, globally. Based on a worldwide network, CAPESPAN has been trusted by Importers, Customers and Consumers the world over for fruit which is of the best quality and price, from grower to grocer.

CAPESPAN prides itself in being a world-leader in technical expertise in growing, sourcing, cold-chain management and ultimate promotion of fruit in the marketplace. CAPESPAN has been a leader in product and packaging innovation for decades, recognised and respected as a supplier which holds quality and safety paramount, while ensuring price-value and supply consistency.

Most importantly, CAPESPAN is trusted as a vital partner by the Customers and Growers whom it serves, across all markets in which it operates. Combining experience, expertise, market intelligence and an innovative spirit, CAPESPAN offers its partners a relationship which truly works to drive growth of the sector, the partner and the industry as a whole.

Energy, expertise, creativity and commitment - a fresh approach to growth!



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