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Another variety brought to you by EREN. Apple is the most consumed fruit around the world, and for a good reason too. Nutritious, durable, relatively cheap. We as EREN would not miss the chance to offer this product. Over the years we have made solid connections with Apple farms around the country. We have a professional team that has been working with multiple producers so as to find the most suitable one for export quality product and currently we have a few. Shipping to 40 days+ travel times via container as well as land transport to EU and to Russia, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable apple supplier as well. We have a variety of different packaging options, please feel free to ask our team about your needs.

Gala- August/February -> Multiple Varieties
Starking(R.Chief)- September/March -> Multiple Varieties
Granny Smith- October/May -> Multiple Varieties
Fuji- October/April-> Multiple Varieties
Pink Lady - November/April -> Multiple Varieties
Golden - September/March -> Multiple Varieties


Eren Tarim Ürünleri San. Ve Ticaret. Ltd. Sti.

Eren Tarim Ürünleri San. Ve Ticaret. Ltd. Sti.



Eren was established in 1993 in Mersin as a small export company with 5 people at the time. Our main markets being Russia and South Europe at the time we focused on citrus exports. Later on, we expanded to our main office in Mersin with 12 people and began to open up fruit varieties also along with the markets East-West Europe. In 2006 we moved out our own production facility in Tarsus region and after that, the real story begins. We opened markets like Southeast Asia, Canada, Africa, Northern Europe and expanded our product varieties to all fruits & vegetables available inside Turkey. Currently, we export to over 63 countries and have over 60 varieties in our belt. After 2014, we began our institutionalization process with a renovated Website, software control throughout production, a quality control department, state of the art optical sizing and sorting machines and R&D programs.

Eren is praised for its product quality and high standard service. Working with 62 different markets, we are very well rehearsed in different customs procedures, different packaging demands and different cultures along with their different quality standards. Having several partner factories inside different regions in Turkey and providing 60 different product varieties ranging from fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and fresh citrus, we can say with confidence we can meet any packaging, labeling and production demand any market requires. As of 2018, we have 9 languages spoken inside our Sales Department along with over 1000 personnel total during the peak season. Having our own logistics department, we can provide Trucking, Container, Reefer and Air Cargo solutions along with CIF/CFR/CFA pricing solutions to anywhere on the planet. Our Air Cargo division is a separate department with its own R&D and service solutions focusing on providing the best solutions possible.

Our customers usually prefer to work with us 12 months as a single provider. The main reason being we can provide vary among products. We usually do mixed shipments which allow steady procurement of fresh product on a pallet basis for full truck pricing. This is very important as we can provide low volumes of different varieties to support the constant chain of supply.

We wish to see you among our family :)

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