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Fshati Talinoc i Muhaxherve
70000 Ferizaj


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +383 44 435 100

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Your partner in food and agriculture from the Western Balkans

Arbana Cooperative LLC is the leading Western Balkans company specialized in high quality fruits and vegetables from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

Built on past tradition, Arbana Cooperative is the natural continuation of Arbana NTP, since 1991. Initially specialized in the retail of agriculture machinery, farming inputs and the growing of large scale plantation of cereals; it went on to develop its primary production fields of various fruits and vegetables, for the local market. Nowadays; it is the major exporter of fresh, frozen and dried produce, both from its own plantations and contracted farmers / partners.

With many years of experience behind the company team of staff educated in the US, Ireland and Kosovo in the realms of agriculture economics, rural development and primary production, and by combining resources such as financial, intellectual and trade related - we have become the leading go to company for many European firms importing fresh, frozen and dried produce from the Western Balkans.