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Camino San Lorenzo No.10
48100 Mungia Baskenland


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Telefon: +34 946 44 04 44

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Coollogger is an inovative set of cold chain monitoring solutions composed of:
  • a wide range of dataloggers (single and multi use, USB and Bluetooth versions)
  • a free cloud data base where data is automatically stored
Control temperature, relative humidity and light to
  • safeguard the quality of your fresh fruits and vegetables
  • increase your supply chain traceability
Through our brand Ozeano you can also preserve the freshness of your fruits and vegetables with our:
  • ethyene absorption filters and sachets
  • patented products: prevent staining problemes and maximize effectiveness

Biz Chances

Now a days we have more and more solutions for monitoring, but tons of wasted food do not decrease.
This is why from Coollogger we developped a new real time solution:
  • get to know what is going on during refrigerated transport
  • make decisions at the same moment the cold chain breaks
  • control more parameters: temperature, relative humidity, light, positioning and shocks