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Arjun Dutta

Regional Head - South East Asia
Technik und technische Systeme


Central Singapore

Telefon / Fax:
Mobil: +91 9535677441

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CropIn is a fully integrated farm management and data analytics platform that combines digitized field data collection, weather information and remote sensing (satellite) to provide real-time insight, monitoring, and traceability.
CropIn also utilizes machine learning based on input data to build predictive models for stress, yield estimation and produce eligibility to maximize per hectare productivity.
It also includes post-harvest inventory management functionality. We power sustainable and climate-smart agriculture through rule-based engines that provide dynamic advisory based on chemical and weather thresholds, ensuring compliance with global quality and sustainability standards.
Today CropIn has completed 130+ implementations across 30+ countries and covering over 3 million acres and 2 million farmers.

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Organizations interested in Data-driven approach to farming thus maximizing per acre value.