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Francesca vecchia 23
51010 Uzzano


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 572 451197
Fax: +39 572 453444

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ARTIGIANFER was founded in 1966 as a craft manlike company, than it developed quickly and it became in a short time an industrial company. Now ARTIGIANFER is a leading company in Europe in the greenhouse field, both for quantity and quality and type of its realization. The company staff consists of 50 personnel, half of them are employees – above all technicians, designers, supervisors and yard managers. ARTIGIANFER produces Greenhouses of various models. Most of them are equipped with technological systems delivered and installed directly by the company. In the last years the production has been improved with "Solar Greenhouses", with photovoltaic panels on the roof on the South side of the pitch, to add electric energy production to the traditional flowers and vegetables production. Most of ARTIGIANFER production is addressed to the Italian market, but a significant number of its "turn-key" projects are sold also in foreign countries, such as France, Greece , Russia, Ukraine, Germany, non-European countries from Northern Africa to Middle East and Japan. The production includes all structures, from the simplest and cheapest (such as Multitunnels covered with plastic film) to the most complex and equipped with systems (Venlo or Wide Span glasshouses with any installation). The peculiarity of ARTIGIANFER, which makes this company practically the only Italian company in this field, is its capability to realize any project – even the most complex – in the protected cultivations field.
It means that from the draft of the project to the test of the installations on site, every development is designed within the company. Therefore the technicians follow everything: from the calculation of the price offer to early plans, and their
execution, from the realization of the parts within the factory to the assemblingon site, from the training of the personnel of the buyer, who will have to work with the installations, to the final delivery of the completely equipped structure.