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Since 1968, AURELI, farming company, is specialized in the cultivation and processing of more than 22 vegetables, especially  carrots (orange, yellow and purple). AURELI is one of the leading Companies in Europe in following the crops from the seeding to transformation. Crops and plants are located in the plateau of Fucino – centre of Italy. Quality offered by: Organic -ICEA (EU), JAS (Japan), NOP (US)- and Conventional, Kosher.

AURELI for FRESH MARKET - PRE-PACKED products:Aureli produce several fresh carrot snacks as baby-cut carrots, sliced carrots, carrot sticks. Baby carrots are produced using raw carrots with specific characteristics: very sweet, tasty and soft without woody consistency. Fresh-cut carrots are ready to eat directly from the bag as a snack or as delicious salads, or natural light and high value meals.

Natural ingredients and supplements for food&beverage industry; which is divided in 2 main sectors:

Liquid products: NFC juice, puree, and concentrate as ingredients or supplements for beverages, soups, or natural colourings; Dehydrated products: carrot pellets, carrot flakes and carrot powder, vegetable pellets and powder (celery, spinach, lettuce, parsley, and many more), used in bakery and confectionary industries or for gluten free or dietetic foodstuffs. Innovative product - Veggie Crumbs: Crumb coating made from vegetables - gluten-free, vegan, fiber-rich and additive-free.

AURELI products for RETAIL:
Aureli offers innovative, healthy and delicious finished Products for Retail to distributors: organic 100% Veggie juice, all natural and pure, not from concentrate, and also vegetable blends with fruit juices, rich in vitamins without any colourings and preservatives. Besides juices Aureli produce delicious vegetable preserves and tasty, coloured pasta, cookies and snacks –also gluten free- using its vegetable powders.
  • Keywords

    • carrot
    • yellow carrot
    • vegetable crumbs

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