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Aurora Bazán C.

Geschäftsführer, Vorstandsmitglied, Direktor, Präsident, Behördenleiter o.ä.


Ansprechpartner von DanPer Trujillo SAC

Carretera Industrial a Laredo s/n, Sector Barrio Nuevo - Moche
trujillo 01

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +51 252574 ext 111
Fax: +51 256304



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Continue to establish long-term business relationships with companies that share Danper's sustainability philosophy


Fruits and Vegetables of high quality that can satisfy the need of the most demanding consumers worldwide


DanPer Trujillo SAC

DanPer Trujillo SAC




DanPer is turning 25 years old of uninterrupted work on Feb- 2019, producing and exporting the highest quality vegetables and fruits in fresh, super grains, canned and frozen presentations for the most demanding markets. Currently, DanPer manages more than 6,000 cultivated Has and employs more than 6,500 workers.
The company has bet for continuous improvement establishing an effectively Integrated Management System (IMS) that includes 9 international certifications in the Economic, Social and Environmental aspects for its processing plants, such as HACCP, BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, BASC, BSCI and SA 8000. With these certifications, DanPer demonstrates its commitment to the highest quality standards for its products, the permanent development of its human capital, the effective care for safety and health at the workplace, and the care and respect for the environment.
On the other hand, in the social dimension, aspartofit’s own integrated management system policy DanPer has developed Social programs that have proved to be important investments for a sustainable development recognized through BCSI Code of Conduct, SA 8000 and SMETA Social Responsibility and Fair For Life certification.
Danper is soundly positioned in the 5 continents in the worldandoutstand for the quality of our products and the quality of the business relationship we build with our clients based on our credibility and competitiveness.

OnFruits Danper comes executing a sustained expansion project, hand in hand with its customers and envisioning the opening of new markets. The production and export calendar is: Avocado (Hass and Green Skin) from April to August, Blueberries from July to December, Table Grapes (exclusive varieties) from October to December and Mango (Kent) from December to February.
Besides we also have another product lines well recognized and positioned, such as Preserved Specialties, Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Super Grains and Ready to eat meals.
For further information, you can visit our website or contact our commercial department, who will be glad to talk and check collaboration opportunities.



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