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A wealth of healthy nutrition

One of nature’s most nutritious fruits, the avocado has a delicate, pleasing flavor and attractive shape, texture and coloring. A veritable treasure chest of healthy goodness, the Cholesterol free avocado is packed with more protein than any other fruit and is rich in vitamins B, B6, Biotin and Niacin as well as Potassium, Phosphorus and Manganese.
Mehadrin and the Granot Group, one of the largest cooperative groups in Israel and the world, offer a wide spectrum of Israeli grown varieties, which enables us to extend the season and to supply high quality avocados.

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Mehadrin Tnuport Export (L.P)

Mehadrin Tnuport Export (L.P)



With over 8,500 hectares of agricultural holdings, Mehadrin is Israel’s largest grower and exporter of citrus as well as other fruits and vegetables. The company has annual sales of approximately $300 million with over 70% of the produce exported globally to all continents.

Key destinations currently include the U.S.A. Canada, Europe and Japan providing solutions to the worlds leading produce retailers.

Mehadrin is a leading global supplier of the world-renowned JAFFA brand.

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