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Westfalia Fruit’s prime-quality avocados are marketed across the globe throughout the year, thanks to our integrated supply chain, while our technical and commercial expertise is shared with customers on several continents. A ripening specialist, Westfalia supplies ready-to-eat avocados to leading retail chains and foodservice customers.
Two types of cultivar groups can be found on the shelf, depending on the season. Green-skinned cultivars like Fuerte, Pinkerton and Ryan remain green once the avocado is ripe. Dark-​skinned cultivars like Hass​, Carmen-Hass and GEM​®, while green i​n colour when mature, turn dark purple to black when ripe.
Greencell has an extremely strong worldwide supplier base and offers fruit from non-traditional sources (Chile to Morocco and Peru), allowing us to maximise eating quality throughout the year. We guarantee consistency of maturity, delivering fruit to exact specifications as far as pressure and eating quality is concerned. We supply the retail sector in addition to catering, processing and wholesale customers. The avocado has a lot of potential to grow. At Greencell we understand that when the customer has access to the right product they will enjoy the experience and the consumer will naturally want more.


Greencell Ltd

Greencell Ltd



Greencell, an established fresh fruit and vegetable company in England, became part of the Westfalia Group in September 2008. The company manages over 100 000 tons of fruit per year, sourcing from over 30 countries across the globe with product lines including avocados, apples, pears, kiwis, grapes, stone fruit and a variety of salad and vegetable crops.

Situated in the heart of England’s ‘vegetable garden’, Greencell Spalding is a specialist avocado facility with industry-leading, state-of-the-art ripening and grading technology. More than 2000 pallets can be stored in five different cold stores with activities including receiving, storing, ripening, selection, packing and distributing fruit directly to customers.

Spalding’s ripening and conditioning section is one of the specialised areas that allows Greencell to confidently deliver triggered to fully-ripened fruit to customer specifications. The conditioning process involves humidity ripening by varying time and temperature.

In the 850m2 conventional packhouse and 155m2 organic packhouse, a complete range of production formats is provided, such as citrus Giro packs, poly-bagging and flow-wrapping. Greencell is also able to develop packaging to meet customers’ specific requirements, including the use of biodegradable packaging material. 

Nationwide distribution is efficiently organised from the dedicated distribution centre at Spalding. Warehouse facilities are operated on site, in addition to the technical and exotics-procurement departments.

Greencell is a member of the Carbon Trust and of the Ethical Trading Initiative in the UK.

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