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Bi-On is the name of our permanganate pellet. 
Its use guarantees air hygiene, removing ethylene which accumulates in the fruit and vegetable atmosphere, and purifying it from micro-organisms and other volatiles thus assuring better overall produce and air quality.


Bioconservacion SA

Bioconservacion SA



Bioconservacion is a Spanish company founded in 1996 and specialized in post-harvest solutions for cold storage and transport of fresh products. Our product line is designed to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene (the "maturation hormone") and other contaminants, as well as particles (bacteria, fungal spores) inside refrigerated warehouses, refrigerated containers and warehouses of boat, thus guaranteeing high standards of hygiene, freshness and fungal-free products.
Our solutions will help your company overcome poor quality problems and help extend the shelf life of your products by reducing spoilage and waste due to over-ripening and decomposition. The high quality standards of our solutions and services are internationally recognized and provide ethylene-free atmosphere in more than 45 countries in 5 continents. Clients of all levels of the supply chain rely on BIOCONSERVACION for storage and transport.

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