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Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +355 69 293*9377
Fax: +355 69 293 9377
Mobil: +355 69 293 9377

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Bio Trade Albania started production and distribution of fruits and vegetables, natural and organic products in 2016. Focusing on quality and customer service, the company is gradually evolving, combining tradition with innovation. By focusing on quality first and ensuring that the products are absolutely fresh, our company guarantees that customers receive products that are always healthy and delicious.

Thanks to collaborations with large domestic and overseas suppliers, we are able to supply the widest range of organic products throughout the year. We take full advantage of our experience and respond to seasonal price changes by supplying our customers with reasonably priced products.

Company facts
  • 24-hour / 365-day natural product shipments
  • Very flexible delivery of products to our customers
  • Professional environment for conservation of products according to the season
  • Vehicles of different types and categories
  • Company visibility in social networks and ease of communication
  • Operating in the market according to the rules and laws in force, determined by the Ministry of Economy and the Albanian government, in accordance with international standards.