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Biotraq is a French company that has developed QualTrack™, an innovative, easy-to-use, safe and cost-effective solution for monitoring perishable products throughout the supply chain.
It has also developed SMAQ™, the first smart contract validating transition from one logistic phase to another thanks to a certified level of quality of the product shipped.
Blulog is a fast-growing Polish-French company that was created following 15 years of R&D on a revolutionary M2M technology. Its technology enables them to produce monitoring solutions that are credit-card size, very precise and with unique functionalities, while offering very affordable prices.

As partners of choice, it made perfect sense for both companies to develop their latest solution together.
Thus, Blulog and Biotraq are proud to introduce their latest all-in-one logistic solution dedicated above all to fresh fruit and vegetable sector at Fruit Logistica 2020: a 2G single-use logger associated with QualTrack™ platform.

Based on GSM technology, Blulog latest logger is a cost-effective solution to track and trace in real-time fruits and vegetables dispatches improving food safety and logistics operations.
Thanks to its compact size and waterproof housing, the logger can be conveniently placed as close as possible to the food or integrated with pallets/boxes, collecting temperature data and location.
Then, using QualTrack™ platform, you can monitor your data remotely, knowing immediately where your products are, in which environment and what’s their quality status. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, QualTrack™ helps you control your shipment, get alerts in case of any anomaly, prove or predict products status all along the supply chain, from farm to fork.

Relying on this all-in-on logistic solution, all players from fruits and vegetables sector will be able to gain efficiency both in their products protection and in logistics.

Biotraq and Blulog are also able to provide all-in-one solution for monitoring perishable products using many kind of sensors such as NFC data loggers and RF technologies.

To know more, visit us on our booth: F-15.