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4 Politkovskaya str
0186 Tbilisi


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +995 599 49 39 03
Mobil: +995 591 22 15 15

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With an unwavering commitment to operational efficiency, quality, health, and safety, along with its desire to remain environmentally and socially responsible, the company has secured Global GAP & GRASP certification. In order to produce blueberries under optimal growing conditions and ensure reliable harvests, Blue Valley has embraced a variety of new agricultural technologies.
The company is constantly conducting research and implementing new technologies and methodologies that will enhance production and increase sustainability. Of note are its digital traceability system that helps manage all aspects of production, a pre-cooling facility that prolongs shelf life and prepares blueberries for transport.
With confirmed levels of productivity, Blue Valley is exporting blueberries to wholesalers and high-end supermarkets in neighboring countries. It is also developing new trading relationships with buyers in the EU and Middle East.


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