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Halle / Stand


Poligono Industrial La Granadina Calle Dinamarca S/N, Fase 1, Nave Puerta 11
03349 San Isidoro (Alicante) Alicante


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 966 060100

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Started at the end of the `60s, Boix is a skilled manufacturer of machinery for the automatic erecting of cardboard boxes – both corrugated and solid fiberboard boxes- for food industry and agricultural markets -mainly for fruit and vegetable growers and farmers.

Our accumulated experience for over 45 years, which has been supported by our continuous investment in R+D, and our dedication to service through our headquarters in Spain and our companies in Europe, Asia and in Central, North and South America make us the leading supplier of cardboard tray erecting machines for food industry and agriculture sector with more than 8.000 machines set up in 83 countries.

Boix tray forming machines are manufactured in the modern state-of-the-art factory the company has in San Isidro, Alicante –Spain. Their simplicity, flexibility and superior quality as well as their high production and very low maintenance requirements are the reasons why our customers do value and acknowledge Boix machines.

Vision Statement

Our goal:
  • We are commited to develop innovative packaging solutions for every customer.

Our mission:
  • Generating together with our customers efficient packaging solutions with an excellent quality-to-price ratio.

Our approach:
  • Service orientation, reliability, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Key perfomance indicators:
  • Satisfied customers, motivated employees, long-term customer relations and profitable growth.