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Save Kovacevica 27
11500 Obrenovac


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +381 118720874
Fax: +381 118720874

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BSK LLC Obrenovac is development and manufacturing center whose main activities are research, development, design, manufacture and sales of innovative products based on technologies in the field of hydrodynamics (flow of air and water).

BSK L.l.c. is founded by Kokanovic family with a long tradition in innovation, manufacturing and selling.

Our key product is Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN. Beside this in our portfolio we have innovative orchard protection RotoProtect, Industrial vacuum cleaners and CarboLastic - anti wearable material.

Air Jet Berry Harvester KOKAN uses an innovative system based on air pulsation of adjustable intensity, designed to efficiently harvests raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, black currents and other berries.
KOKAN brand values are: innovative, quality, affordable.

RotoProtect, an innovative orchard protection, enables quick folding/re-folding of the net or foil (protection from the sun, heavy rain, birds, insects) depending on the needs of the orchard on a daily basis.
The key advantage of RotoProtect in comparison to the classical net and foil carriers’ system (the so-called Italian system) is fast net/foil folding and re-folding (half an hour for 1 ha) that allows the following:
  1. mechanical harvesting;
  2. better ripening of fruit because of better solitude;
  3. better pollination by insects;
  4. eliminating the danger of a collapse of a bearing structure from strong winds or late snow; etc.

Biz Chances

We are looking to meet distributors, final customers, as well as suppliers.