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Halle / Stand


Pollanki 33 A
30-740 Krakow
Woiwodschaft Kleinpolen


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +48 795424199

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Brief depiction

Badyl Partner specialises in the distribution of high quality vegetables on permanent sale in 5, 10, 15, 25 kg and big bagpackaging. Among the most popular vegetables we distribute are carrot, onion, celeriac, parsley root, beetroot, parsnip, cauliflower and almost all kinds of cabbage: white, red, chinese, savoy. Other vegetables are available on order. Moreover we are also able to supply vast range of apples.

Badyl history

Our company came into existence at early eighties. We started from retail sale and that is why we are well acquainted with the final consumer of our goods.

We dealt with a sale of wide range of food products, mainly vegetables and fruits. In 2000 we decided to change our activity profile and deal with wholesale sale of vegetables and fruits. Then we changed the brand name to BADYL PARTNER. Simultaneously we gradually left the retail sale. Currently we deal only with wholesale sale and our top products are onion and carrot. Many years of experience and responsibility towards our contractors caused that now we can boast with many contacts in leading farm producers and satisfied receivers.

How we work

Our experience on the trade marked let us start the cooperation with producers that can match our requirements. We have the cooperation contracts with some of them what leads to the possibility of sale at very competitive prices. Since the goods are transported directly from the producer to the customer, we can guarantee the freshness and reasonable prices, reduced by storage costs. Lately our company came into possession of GlobalGAP CoC certificate- we believe that high standards of maintaining vegetables is the best way to satisfy the customers. Try us!

Biz Chances

Constant improvement is the main goal of Badyl Partner. We believe that the quality of our products together with service we provide our customers with will attract new partners. Growers and suppliers of vegetables are kindly welcome too.