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3a, Maliy Sampsonievskiy Pr.
St. Petersburg
Russische Föderation


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +7 812 7405757

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Founded in 1999, Baltic Shipping Ltd is the Commercial Manager and Operator for the fleet of reefer vessels known on the market under the brand name of "Baltic Reefers".

At the present moment Baltic Reefers fleet includes 24 reefer vessels with capacity from 478,000 till 717,000 cubic feet.

The company's principal business activity is transportation of perishable cargoes from worldwide origins to the Baltic region ports.

Type of Vessels
All vessels of the Baltic Reefers fleet are specialised reefer ships designed for the carriage of perishable cargoes mainly foodstuffs (bananas, fruits, vegetables and etc.). All vessels are pallet-friendly and equipped with cargo hold air-temperature control systems to ventilate, cool or freeze cargo in ships holds. There are several levels in each hold where each compartment may have its own temperature zone to carry different cargoes simultaneously during the same voyage. All vessels are containers fitted with reefer plugs on Upper Decks. All vessels are Ice-classed.It makes them able to trade to St. Petersburg Port during heavy winter seasons when the port is closed for not ice-classed ships.The Baltic Reefers ships are well equipped and in good working condition, all crew members are mainly Russians having been working for a long time on these types of vessels are very experienced in reefer ships trade. All the above gives good results and advantages in compare with other competitors.

Cargo type
Baltic Reefers Fleet is able to carry all types of perishable goods but the main cargoes are fresh green bananas in boxes and fruits on pallets. In addition to above the company also specializes in carriage of so called "back voyage cargoes" which mostly are cars / trucks and ammonium nitrate and fertilizesin big bags.

Main trade routes of the company's fleet
  • Bananas from Ecuador to Baltic region, mostly to St.Petersburg port,
  • Fruits on pallets from South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Morocco to Baltic region, mostly to St.Petersburg port,
  • Ammonium nitrate in big bags and cars / truck from Baltic ports to South and Central American ports.

Baltic Shipping is a tight-knit team of like-minded people. Our wide experience, international maritime transportation practice understanding and high professionalism of our employees guarantee efficient mutually profitable co-operation with our clients and partners. And we are definitely the leading player offering to the clients the carriage of perishable type of cargoes to St.Petersburg which is the main port for discharging of fruits and bananas destined for Russian market and to the markets of other former Soviet Republics.