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12 Varnis Street, Therissos
71305 Heraklion


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 7762232707

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A cost-effective and eco-friendly way of trading better quality bananas

BanaNatural introduces a disruptive way of trading bananas with the use of an integrated innovative system of gathering, transporting, distributing and finally displaying whole banana bunches at the retail points. The system is granted as patent internationally (EU and other 15 countries) and is now widely used in Greek markets over the last year.

Designed from steel to be re-usable, our system forms a solution to the current plastic crisis as it reduces disposable packaging cartons and shops’ shelf-display plastic materials.The bananas on the system remain connected to the stalk throughout their lifecycle using their natural juices which results in: longer and better preservation, a more yellow and bruise-free colour and improved quality. Trading bananas with this way in Greece has proved to increase the sales, reduce supermarket waste to zero resulting in higher profits. As bananas are not chopped, fewer fungicides are used keeping bananas healthier and more natural as well.