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c/ Casanovas 23 Ripollet
08291 Barcelona


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Telefon: +34 93 7505704

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BEfresh Technology is a Spanish company specialized in postharvest solutions that increase the shelf life of perishables products. Our technology is designed and developed around air purification for the removal of ethylene gas, molds and odors during the transport and storage of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers. Our team is composed of professionals with broad and profound experience in this field. Furthermore, we are part of the international industrial group Famatel and Keraco. This enables a totally integrated manufacturing process, from the media to the packaging, with the highest standards of quality in our products and services.

Our range of BEfresh products are a reflection of our fundamental corporative pillars: technology and R+D investment, concern for sustainable development and environmental preservation.

The main benefit of BEfresh products is the shelf life extension of fruits and vegetables by removing ethylene, fungi and spores of microorganisms, thereby maintaining the quality of fresh perishables throughout the distribution chain. In addition, our products can be used safely in organic agriculture as they do not chemically interfere in the evolution process of the crops, maintaining quality, appearance, aroma and flavor, and most importantly, the nutritional value.