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Via F. Turati, 8
40134 Bologna


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 051 790188
Fax: +39 051 790187

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Bini En.g is today a young and dynamic reality at the forefront in the design and construction of packaging systems and solutions for the paper, food, agricultural and related industry.

With attention to market trends, an extensive knowledge of the business, and a focus on customer needs, Bini eng. has earned a reputation over the years for the best forming machines for fruit trays in the industry as well as a reputation for innovation in high-quality packaging machinery.

The company expertise is in box design and in machine design and construction.

Products offered range from automatic forming machines for fruit trays, display cases and special machines dealing with corrugated packaging for consumer and industrial goods.

Our forming machines are designed to be reliable, accessible, easy to install and to maintain. We use components that are selected and tested to comply with the most severe requirements in order to last and perform. To help our customer achieve savings in material, we have initiated in recent years a unique process to learn and understand how the manufacturing process can improve the structural box resistance through a correct application of movements, glue, and pressure points.

The presence of the company is world-wide. It has machines in operation in every continent and a solid and established network of dealers. The continuous innovation and the vocation to serve our customers have earned Bini Engineering its reputation as a leading supplier to the agro-food industry.