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We present Bob’s as grower Bob’s personal selection from the overall range of soft fruit. With our Bob’s we take you on a tour of the exciting, appealing and versatile world of soft fruit – from deliciously sweet strawberries to refreshing red currants: Bob’s has it all! We have developed this soft fruit concept especially for retailers. one of the great strengths of our Bob’s concept is the practical, eyecatching packaging, making this range of soft fruit stand out in shops and entice consumers to buy it.

Meet Bob

Bob knows all about every type of fruit. He thinks it’s a pity so many people know so little about fruit, about the good it can do for you besides tasting great!

A no-nonsense guy
Bob believes “no challenge is too big to overcome, as long as you set your mind to it”. He is passionate about his farm and is eager to discover the best that nature has to offer. In the end, all he wants to do is share this wonderful world with you. Bob isn’t interested in what cannot be done, but in what he can achieve with his berries. He just follows his heart and doesn’t give up when things get tough. He’s a man who wants the best for his family and friends.

A modern grower
Bob’s family has been growing berries for almost 100 years. They know all there is to know about berries. Bob has inherited their passion for berries. He thinks it’s a pity that so many people know so little about berries, their wonderful properties and what they can do for you besides tasting good. Eating berries is fun and fits in a healthy lifestyle.

Someone who wants to make a difference with food, fruit and especially berries
Everyone can make a change with food! It’s what binds us – eating with your family, friends and colleagues. That’s why Bob travels
all over the world to let you taste the different berries that are available during the seasons. A delicious product from mother earth, grown from the soil to become a product with personality that can be shared and enjoyed with whoever you like.








FruitMasters, achieving the best, together! In 1904, a group of Dutch fruit growers joined forces and established a cooperative. Their aim? To supply the highest quality fruit in the Netherlands by setting and meeting high standards for freshness, flavor and continuous availability. Today, FruitMasters is the Netherlands’ largest supplier of the highest quality fruit. We listen and respond to achieve the best possible results, together with you.

Total, unique service and support
FruitMasters offers a total service. It receives, grades, cools, packs (in specially designed packaging), and distributes fresh fruit from its members at home and abroad. To do so, it operates its own grading lines, cold stores, packaging lines and distribution networks, guaranteeing that your customers purchase the freshest possible high-quality fruit. By doing so, FruitMasters develops trustworthy and creative long-term partnerships. We closely monitor the market and see increasingly stringent requirements being placed on food safety and the sources of fruit. Having witnessed a growing demand for variation and differentiation, our response is to offer a wide range of apples, pears, soft fruit and cherries of different classes,

Together we are strong
Cooperation is the key to effectively serving the market. We are committed to the quality of our products, always and everywhere. This commitment does not end at your doorstep, but continues right up to the moment of consumption.

Food safety
The key to building good business relations is to offer consistent quality and reliability. You expect to get exactly what you ask for – in terms of quantities, quality and the time and manner of delivery. But above all, our products must meet exacting requirements: your requirements, the consumers’ requirements and governmental requirements. You must have one hundred percent confidence in the produce, which must always be fully traceable and absolutely food safe.

Certification GLOBALG.A.P., QS, BRC, IFS
FruitMasters supplies its fruit compliant with all the relevant Dutch and global food safety requirements. We also meet additional requirements of the food sector and the specifications of our clients, including Tesco Nurture. FruitMasters and its growers are GLOBALG.A.P. certified, FruitMasters is certified according to the German QSsystem. We are also BRC and IFS certified at the highest levels.



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