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In recognising the many varied requirements for the tipping of produce boxes and palletainers, Haith have developed tipplers built to handle all sizes of box up to 5 tonnes in weight.
The construction, finish and degree of guarding can be varied to suit the particular application and environment.
Illustrated are some of our standard range of tipplers, any of which we are happy to modify for a particular application, or indeed to under-take the design and manufacture of specialised units.

The range of box handling equipment manufactured by Haith has over the years acquired a reputation for quality, performance and reliability which is second to none.


Haith Engineers Ltd.

Haith Engineers Ltd.



Haith Group, a world leader manufacturing machinery for handling root crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, Swedes, Red beet, and all manner of other vegetables.

The company specializes in Grading, Washing, Bulk Handling, Weighing, Pre-Packing lines and water Treatment systems, using the latest computer aided design and production technology.

Today Haith is recognized as a fore runner in design and technology having won ‘The Queens Award for innovation’ along with many other awards for quality and design and is constantly launching new products which keep the company ahead of its competitors!!

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