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They are indicated for cold storage, in cool chambers, of a volume between 2 and 40 cubic meters, or large industrial chambers at a rate of 1 filter per 100 m3.
The cool chambers equipped with these filters should have forced air recirculation.  The filter should be placed 4 cm far from the air inlet of the evaporator.
The new GreenKeeper Briefcase filter is of great utility in cool room where you cannot install a machine.
It is easy to hang, because the three point hitch allows you to choose the ideal option.
Inside it houses three sacks of media, produced with non-woven fabric, which allows for easy air passage. The fabric is an ideal filter to prevent any type of powder.
Depending on the application, you can use different types of granular material:

  • GK3, for ethylene (fruits, vegetables and flowers)
  • GK3/3+AC, for meat and broad spectrum.
  • GK3/3+AC + GK CAAP, for applications of Fish and broad spectrum.
  • GK3/3 KOH + GK CAAP, for applications in garbage rooms.




Greenkeeper Iberia S.L.

Greenkeeper Iberia S.L.



At Greenkeeper, we offer a media with the optimum performance characteristics in ethylene absorption capacity or reaction speed

Our wide variety of product presentations and formats, allow us to offer a precise solution for each different situation, that we might find in the transportation and conservation of the fruits and vegetables. We have no limitations!

We perform in cold chambers, reefers, trucks and individual boxes. We’re continuously innovating and adding little details to build a superior product and to make the usage of Greenkeeper more comfortable and effective.

Greenkeeper is the world market leader in the Sachet format. We are the ethylene market leader in Europe and we have an important presence in America and Asia. Our market share is constantly growing.

Our I+D and Quality departments are in a close contact with our customers, to solve any doubts or suggestions they might come up with. We offer the best advice to make the transportation of your fruits and vegetables, a safe one.

Our technical staff is always working on finding the best solutions according to a particular case. We don’t sell just a product; we sell a complete service, and an added value product.

Greenkeeper is very dynamic and adjusts quickly to the customers’ requests, their needs of personalizing and having different formats, without losing our efficacy as the specialists we are.

It is a great pleasure for us, to participate in the Fruit Logistica Fair in Berlin and meet you personally.

We willingly wait for your visit to our stand. See you soon!

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