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Bulgarian Greenhouse Growers' Association


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12 Dobrotich Str.
4003 Plovdiv


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +359 32968158
Fax: +359 32968158
Mobil: +359 890306667

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The Bulgarian Greenhouse Growers' Association (BGGA) is a nonprofit branch organization registered according the Bulgarian Laws with court order No 1 from 08.12.2000 of Sofia City Court (No: 8264/2000 by the Law for Individuals and Families and re-registered with court order No: 2350 from 05.04.2004 of Plovdiv County Court (No: 755/2004) by the Law of Juridical Persons with Non-economical Aim with residence in the city of Plovdiv.

The association acts in favor of its members.

Members of the association are juridical and physical persons from all over the country, registered as agricultural producers, vegetables and flowers in greenhouses and plastic tunnels.

The association unites 56 full members, owners of 207 hectare greenhouses all over the country and 20 associated members which are companies with related business - vegetable seeds, greenhouse systems and equipment, substrate production, mineral and organic fertilizers, packing and sorting machines, greenhouses developers, service and maintenance companies.

Main principles in all aspects, concerning the activities and the management of the Association are processing equal rights between the members, collective methods in taking decisions and personal responsibility when executing the taken decisions.