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Buoninsieme Solarelli is an innovative ready-to-eat product that mixes
together tipical Italian cheeses (45 g.) and washed-cut*-fresh fruits/vegetables
(100 g.).
It’s a Gourmet snack that combines the good taste to the practicality, the
genuineness and the italian food tradition.
Buoninsieme Solarelli is available in five different proposals:
1. Apple + Cacio romagnolo (sheep cheese)
2. Pear + Scoparolo (hard goat cheese)
3. Strawberries + Capretta (soft goat cheese)
4. Seedless grapes + Antiche fosse (Fossa cheese)
5. Vegetables + Squacquerone (really soft cheese)
With Buoninsieme Solarelli these two kind of product are joined together for
the first time.
This idea comes from the collaboration of two leader companies: Apofruit
Italia (fruit and vegetables) and Antica Cascina (cheese).


Apofruit Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola

Apofruit Italia Soc. Coop. Agricola



Present on the international scene for 58 years, Apofruit Italia is a cooperative company with its own processing facilities and producer members from the north to the south of Italy, combining constant growth with the mission of developing the greatest possible specialization in the country’s main fruit and vegetable produce.
This specialization results in the quality and variety of the produce offered, efforts devoted to introducing new varieties, produce and process innovation, made-to-measure services for modern retail channels, and the company’s organizational and management efficiency.

Apofruit Italia today means: 300.000 tonnes of production with a turnover of 240 million euros; a production organization in Italy with 12 production plants and 15 reception and storage centres; application of procedures for the control of production processes; integrated production system guidelines, Globalgap, BRC, IFS, GRASP, ISO 22000, ISO 22005, DEMETER; development of organically grown produce; a team of specialized agricultural advisers for technical assistance to farms; a strategic and operative marketing unit; commitment to and investment in energy saving.

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