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Weihoek 11
4416 PX Kruiningen


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +31 113 501373

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Burg Machinery adding value in packhouse solutions and innovating the fruit and agricultural industry.


Burg Machinefabriek was founded in 1954 and has ever since be a guarantee for reliable and efficient machinery for Fruit and Agriculture industry. The company has been part of the development in automation in the fruit growing industry from the start and the last 3 decades the product range has expanded to logistics machinery in other agricultural sectors as well.

Since we are dedicated to provide our customers with a total solution for all there agricultural processing needs, our work doesn’t stop when we finish our machinery. Therefore our dedicated service department is at your service round the clock for all your service and maintenance needs.

Upon customer request Burg can handle the complete project management for all fruit and vegetable processing facility deployment and turnkey projects, giving our customer total peace of mind.

Our mission is to excel in providing our customers with the best possible solutions in automation and optimization for sorting, packaging and logistics of fruits and vegetables.

We focus on building durable customer relationships and thus we commit ourselves to top quality products, proper planning and clear agreements.