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Burton and Bamber is a Kenyan agro-processing company. We take fruit, process (by dehydration) and bring to market wonderful Kenyan Dried Mango (and other fruits) created from food that was previously wasted. Dried Mango, Dried Mixed Fruits and Mango Rolls available retail ready under our No Added Sugar brand; Sweetunda, or non-branded bulk quanitites, all with Global GAP and FFSC certification. BRC certification will be completed in 2019. Our vision is to create incomes for small-scale farmers and reduce food loss. We’re building a sustainable supply chain and offering premium prices for good quality fruit.

Our dried mango is full of flavour, with a vibrant and rich colour and can be supplied off-the-shelf or processed to buyer specifications. Mango rolls also available; the same delicious mango, pureed with banana and a little honey; something a little more fun, encouraging children to snack more healthily.


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