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César A. Galaz Payán

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Mobil: +52 653 849 7249

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Februar 2020
Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So

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Fresh Sourcing Mexico SPR de RL

Fresh Sourcing Mexico SPR de RL



Sonora Valley is a Mexican company born in the hearth of the desert zones located between Sonora and Baja California, south of California and Arizona. This Area is characterized by its long and extremely hot summers, as well as its short and moderate winters, little rainfall and very low relative humidity; perfect conditions for medjool Dates.

We are a team of growers, packers and shippers whose main objective is to offer to our customers high quality products full of energy and flavor, each Medjool Date is the result of collective effort.

In Sonora Valley, we know that in the best location quality has no borders! That´s why we select only the best product in the area to bring the best quality Medjool Dates. Our commitment is to work with the best growers in México and United States, we collect only the best of both countries to take to your table.

We are proud to be a company in wich most of our team -employees- are women, heads of household who work to bring livelihood to their homes, its their dedication what makes us stronger and gives true value and meaning to our brand.

Sonora Valley represent respect and love for the earth, for the imposing sun that bathes our palm trees, love for the dessets that surround our fields and for the life that water gives us.

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